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Support David McLean

David McLean is the 16-year old editor of the Darlington fanzine, who has been banned for life from Darlo’s ground, by George Reynolds, the Club Chairman (yes, the reformed safe-breaker, the very same). Has he committed any act of violent, racist or hooligan behaviour ? No. He’s just dared to criticise the Chairman in his fanzine. This is yet another piece of outrageous bullying by a football Chairman, similar to the ban placed on Alan Liptrott by Paul Scally at Gillingham.

David has said that he is not going to fight it anymore, because he’s only at the beginning of his career and he’s really frightened that he’ll get a bad reputation as a result of the bad mouthing of him by Mr.Reynolds in the local media. The lad’s only 16, for god’s sake. But some of his friends have decided to start a petition on his behalf. Please visit and consider signing.

Slik…. FORZA HANS! (ble)

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